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    This area address questions for those just starting bass fishing, experienced anglers investigating new techniques, or those new to our group. Two methods are available to help you:

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If you can't find an answer here, feel free to post it on the group!

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FAQ List Index

  1. General
    1. How is a post added to the FAQ?
    2. What is the FAQ editor?
    3. What bass species are discussed?
    4. How can I preview / add the group to my newsreader?
  2. Lake & Seasonal Considerations
    1. At what temperature do bass spawn?
    2. What is turnover?
    3. How to fish in the fall?
    4. How do you fish for winter bass?
    5. How do you fish new water?
  3. Baits/Techniques
    1. What types of fish attractants do you use?
    2. What is Carolina rigging?
    3. What is finesse fishing?
    4. How do you fish spinnerbaits?
    5. What are some good spinnerbait types and techniques?
    6. How can you reduce Inline spinnerbait line twist and hang-ups?
    7. How do you fish plastics?
    8. How do you fish a Senko-style stickbait?
    9. How do you fish a diving crankbait?
    10. What ways do you rig tubes?
    11. What is flipping?
    12. Do you have any follow-up tricks?
    13. What are some different plastics that work?
    14. What is Texas rigging?
    15. What is wacky worming?
    16. Do you have any drop shot tips?
    17. What sound is created by lures?
    18. What are some tips on boat control and lure presentation while fishing?
    19. How do I attract and catch baitfish?
  4. Fishing Equipment
    1. How do I learn to cast with a baitcaster?
    2. How do you adjust a baitcaster?
    3. Why ball bearings vs. bushings in your reel?
    4. What are the differences in Round versus Low Profile Reels?
    5. How does gear ratio effect line recovery?
    6. How to select a rod & reel?
    7. What is the difference between a rod blanks action and power?
    8. What are some considerations when I choose a rod?
    9. How do you care for your reel?
    10. What is a spincast reel?
    11. Are there any problems with "superlines"?
  5. Boat & Trailers
    1. What is a better boat, aluminum or fiberglass?
    2. How do I buy a bass boat?
    3. How do I choose a sonar unit?
    4. How do speedometers work?
    5. How do I troubleshoot trailer wiring problems?
    6. What do jackplates do?
    7. How do I pack trailer wheel bearings?
    8. How do I convert a Jon Boat into a Bass Boat?
    9. Can I make my own boat?
    10. Why bother with proper battery storage?
  6. Other Items
    1. What do all these bass fishing terms mean?
    2. What do you do with deeply hooked fish?
    3. Who are some founding fathers of modern lures and fishing techniques?
    4. What can I do to become a better angler?
    5. What are some good sponsor strategies?
    6. How do people feel about catch and release?
    7. What are the fishing Gods?
    8. How do I Contact B.A.S.S.?
    9. What are some good fish recipes?