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About Us

    This website is the official website of the Rec.Outdoors.Fishing.Bass newsgroup.

    Newsgroups, sometimes referred to as forums, have been around almost since the dawn of the Internet. Originally known as Usenet (and sometimes still referred to as such), they enabled scientists to post questions (and answers) to each other.

    Today, newsgroups resemble virtual coffee houses, where people get together to discuss subjects of mutual interest. But with newsgroups, the communication is written, not verbal. Newsgroups revolve around specific topics, such as wireless technology, organic gardening or in our case... Bass Fishing. You can read what others have written and post your own comments.

    Newsgroups provide a way to quickly meet and communicate with people from all over the world who share your interests, without ever having to leave your computer. You can communicate with them anytime you like. You can also read what others are posting without responding. The great thing about newsgroups is that anyone can participate, though not all Internet service providers offer access to every newsgroup.

How does it work?
    First you need a newsreader program. Both Netscape and Internet Explorer have built-in newsreader software. Or if you would like a dedicated newsreader, take a look at one of the following:

    If you would like to preview the newsgroup, you can find more information within our FAQ on how you can do this. Please drop by and have a look!

    After deciding on a newsreader, you can learn more about the ins and outs of navigating the newsgroups using the help files included in the newreader of your choice. If you are using AOL, you might find the following link helpful:
Using Newsgroups with AOL

    We hope to see you on the newsgroup!