What are some different plastics that work?
Response by Warren - Dated 12/02/1998

       I thought I'd throw your way a hot tip I discovered about two seasons ago. If you fish tough lakes or lakes where everyone seems to throw worms and jigs, this might put you on more fish than you're used to catching.

       The lure is called the Little Critter Craw, and it's made by Zoom. It's basically a 3-1/2 inch plastic crawfish, but it's much more streamlined and compact than most brands.

       Out of the bag, they come with a thin strip of rubber attached to the tail of the craw. Rip this piece off. It's only meant to be used when using the lure as a trailer on a jig or spinnerbait, and it's useless for the rigging method I'm describing. Rig the craw Texas style on a 1/0 offset worm hook, and insert a small glass rattle in the tail of the bait. I usually fish it with a 1/8 ounce bullet weight, but you can alter the weight size to your needs. But the 1/8 ounce seems to give it just the right action.

       Color can vary, use the hot colors of your local waters. Personally, I like June bug. Try to match the color to that of the local forage, especially if your quarry often feeds on crayfish. Also note I've had great success with this lure even when the bass where I was fishing didn't eat crayfish as a primary food source. I fish the lure on 8-10 pound test. As for retrieve, keep it on or near the bottom. Whereas you drag a worm, I prefer to hop this bait, much in the way a real crawfish hops when being chased. Shake the lure subtlety to rattle the glass rattle. Throw it to the same places you'd usually throw your worms or jigs. When a fish picks it up, there's no hurry to set the hook. Wait until you're sure he's got it good. I've yet to have a bass exhale this little offering.

       Once, in fact, I let a fish hold it just to see how long he would. I let the fish swim with the bait for over three minutes on a slack line. I couldn't believe it. When I couldn't take it anymore, I set up on her. She was a three pounder, and when I got her in she had swallowed the bait!

       The reason I tried this lure in the first place was to find something a little different from what everyone else on the lake was throwing. I've done well in many tournaments with them, winning several this year. Give them a try, you won't regret it!

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