What is finesse fishing?
Response by Bass Rogue - Dated 10/09/1998

    A finesse worm is a small plastic worm ranging in size from 2 inches up to 4 inches. Finesse worms go with finesse fishing which started on the crystal clear lakes of Southern California. With the water being so clear, the bass get good looks at whatever you're throwing.

    With that in mind, some of the Southern Californian pros started going with light tackle and small plastics. Finesse fishing is kind of the opposite of Carolina rig fishing where you make noise and try to attract attention to your plastic.

    With finesse fishing, you try to hide your plastic like what happens in nature and then let the bass use what they use naturally do to find a meal. The ultimate finesse approach is to use small plastics that perfectly match the bottom and then just barely moved them along the bottom trying to make them invisible.

    Don't be surprised if the bass get all over them - bass are really good hunters.

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