How is a post added to the FAQ?
Amended 10/23/2002

    Submission should be made by posting a response to questions or discussions in the news group. The members of ROFB will identify responses from the news group that they want included into the FAQ, by nominating the response for addition. The ROFB editor will post the suggested nomination, providing a 72 hour period for any comments, suggestions or objections to the posting being included. If this mentioned post has no negative response, the posting will be included in the FAQ upon gaining permission of the original author. If the post encounters objections, and these objections cannot be resolved, the posting will be dropped from consideration. Suggestions on including a response in the FAQ, improving the format or content of the FAQ should be made through posts in the news group.

    The editor will delete articles only if a consensus of the news group thinks the article is no longer current or accurate.