How can you reduce Inline spinnerbait line twist and hang-ups?
Response by Nikolay - Dated 4/01/2003

Editors note: This article was in response to a comment that tying line directly to the Inline-style spinnerbaits may cause more hook-ups but will increase line twist.

    I read somewhere this and immediately tried on some Mepps and Panther Martin in-line spinners - It works, not an April Fools' stuff! I'm using the trick more than an year now.

Inline Spinnerbait example

    Just find a spinner with a long shaft so you can bend the upper (the one with the eye) part at 30 to 45 degrees, leaving enough straight portion so the blade moves free. (that's important, try not to bend the wire where the blade swivels). This eliminates the twist because now the weight of the spinner is keeping it from turning together with the blade (somehow like the "safety pin" type spinners). This way you can skip the swivel and tie it directly to the line.

    Some sources say you can even go one step further by cutting one of the points of the hook leaving the two facing up (when the split-ring and the hook are in "normal" position - kind of hard to explain). This makes the lure a little bit more snagless ... I'm not sure what happens with the fish hooking ability though. (haven't tried this part yet so do it on your own risk)

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